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Enhance your outfit with Violet Del Mar

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The answer is not so difficult; a little clothing accessory will do the trick! Violet Delmar is a family owned wholesaler of quality clothing accessories for men and women.

What is fashion? What is trend? Or what is new? If looked in deeper, you will find that these three things have something in common. We have entered a scenario where everyone of us, feels a need to look different. Today, we scroll through the options of clothing and try to find ourselves something that is new and unique to wear.

Imagine a time, when you finally find yourself a sleek fitting clothing that matches your need and is in trend as well. What is the next thing you do? It’s quite obvious the next step an individual would take is to wear it the next day, show it to your friends and brag about it, however you see another person wearing the same clothing. Your mood automatically feels low and you find yourself embarrassed, many have witnessed this kind of experience and it’s quite common. With everyone shifting their interest in buying quality brands, it is quite natural that anyone finds themselves in a situation such as this one. So what can we do to enhance our look?

The answer is not so difficult; a little clothing accessory will do the trick! Violet Delmar is a family owned wholesaler of quality clothing accessories for men and women. Be it any time of the year or season, we offer our customer with quality scarfs, custom designed evening shawls and evening wraps, woven with rare and superfine fibers, and the incomparable Pure Pashmina Shawls from Italy, India, Nepal and Kashmir. Be it Pashmina, scarves, shawls, tunic, knitted scarves or resort wear, we deal in all.

We also specialize in offering our clients with additional clothing accessories like high quality wool hats, and custom jewelry. If you have any doubt regarding the quality of our jewelry, our company assures you that these jewelry are manufactured by one the reputed companies in the world.

We understand the clients need and work accordingly in providing our clients with quality clothing accessories. Here at Violet Delmar, we value our bonds with the client and do everything we can in our power to help provide you with what you need. As a family owned business, we try to offer our clients with the best possible service. As our company is family owned, we provide our customers with competitive pricing. If by any chance you are not satisfied by the product you received, we assure our clients with a take back guarantee. You may return new, unopened items within 15 days of delivery for a full refund. For more information log on to us today, at

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