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Founded in 2004, Violet Del Mar  is a family owned wholesaler of high quality mens's and woman’s accessories for all seasons and reasons.

We offer our customers an exquisite line of Italian scarves for men and  hand-embroidered , custom designed evening shawls and evening wraps, woven with rare and superfine fibers, and the incomparable Pure Pashmina Shawls from Italy, India, Nepal and Kashmir.

We also offer the best in resort wear, high quality wool hats, and custom jewelry designed and manufactured by some of the most respected and cutting edge companies in the world.

We hope you take thorough delight in our selection of exquisite shawls, wraps, scarves and fine custom jewelry, and trust that every Violet Del Mar product  will be enjoyed for many enchanting occasions!


We believe in a strong commitment.

While building a lasting family enterprise, we put in the extra hours and effort needed to drive the success of our business to best service our clients.

We believe in common values.

We share the same ethics and beliefs, which brings us a sense of purpose and pride in competitively servicing our clients.

We believe in Loyalty.

Our strong personal bonds mean working together through challenges with a high level of determination to provide the best overall experience to our clients.

We believe in cost controls.

As a family run business, we are able to control some of our costs which ultimately allow us to offer our products at competitive prices. 

Our product is distributed to retailers and volume purchasers across the United States. Each piece in our collection is selected and made with quality and style in mind. Our experienced customer service representatives are happy to help you with any questions or listen to suggestions concerning your shopping experience. You can send an e-mail to or contact us at 1-619-208-2344

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